ZFS Pool and Dataset Usage

I am back with another blog to provide the useful script to the Freebsd users to determine the zpool and it’s datasets usage report. This script will provide these lists of information,

Pool Information:

  • Total raw disk size
  • Total usable disk size
  • Metadata used
  • Used space
  • Free space
  • Capacity in percentage
  • De-duplication ratio

Dataset Information:

  • Used space
  • Available space
  • Compression ration
  • De-duplication on/off

Vdev Information:

  • Total number of vdev’s
  • Type of raid configured
  • Vdev-group usage

ZFS pool usage script can be downloaded from the git link https://gitlab.com/freebsd1/zfs-pool-usage  and then it can be executed by usual # sh pool-volume_usage_details.sh

This script will provide the same kind of information if there are multiple pools in the server.

I hope this script will be useful for some freebsd users. Your comments or suggestions are welcome. Do you face any trouble in server hardening/spam control/ddos(or)malware attack in your website, contact AssistanZ team for any assistance.