Windows container vs hyper-v container

Windows containers Hyper-V Containers

In this blog, we are sharing difference between windows containers hyper-v containers.


There are two different types of containers available in windows 2016. They are Windows containers & Hyper-V Containers.

Windows container vs hypervisor container

Windows Container Vs Hyper-V Container

The difference between these two containers is that container host will have hyper-V role installed in it.  When we create new containers (Hyper-V Containers), it transparently started inside a Hyper-V virtual machine.  Microsoft provides these options for extra security for containers.

Hyper-V containers will have its own kernel instead of sharing with container host. Running Hyper-V container is hardly noticeable. The commands are slightly different to lunch Hyper-V containers.

Windows containers will share the kernel with the container host.


The command to launch windows container will be

docker run -it microsoft/windowsservercore powershell

The command to launch Hyper-V container will be

docker run -it –isolation=hyperv microsoft/windowsservercore powershell

We will share the in-depth knowledge about Hyper-V containers in future blogs. Thanks for reading this blog, We hope it will be useful for you to learn the difference between windows containers vs Hyper-V Containers.

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