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Simplified Solutions for Amplified Performance

The best way to size up this decision would be to leverage the seasoned domain expertise of AssistanZ SMEs. However, if you’re uncertain of that yet, here are some tips to zeroing in on what’s best suited to your unique business requirement: AssistanZ can build a tailored Private Cloud for you within your firewall, which allows for full administrative Hyper-V access and greater control over your network and resources.

  • Sensitive Data at hand.
  • Data Security and Compliance is prime.
  • Fairly predictable Usage/Access patterns.
  • If you’re a large enough Enterprise to run and maintain a Data Center.
  • IT Budget is not a constraint.
  • Have Large files that need to be accessed frequently (e.g Videos in a Media outfit)
  • Complete Control
  • High Security
  • High Performance
  • On-demand Scalability
  • High Reliability
  • Greater Agility by Allocating Compute Capacity during Peak times
  • Predictable Expenditure

AssistanZ assures you the highest standards of security, reliability and scalability for your Public Cloud Applications and Data.

When to Consider?

  • If Offloading Infrastructure costs
  • Large volumes of Latent data or Long-term Storage requirement
  • Small Enterprise.
  • Sudden spikes in Usage/Access
  • Need a Testing environment
  • Have a fairly large or rapidly growing end-user base
  • Working on Collaborative projects or applications
  • Performance/Speed isn’t prime
  • Security/Compliance isn’t prime
  • Low TCO
  • Superfast Time-to-market
  • Convert Capital Expense to Operational Expenditures
  • Incremental Capacity
  • Uptime Guaranteed and High Resilience
  • Industry Standards Experience
  • Pay-as-you-go Model

More than 70% CIOs consider a Hybrid Cloud as their best bet. Whether your Enterprise has tons of legacy applications/data or your Enterprise is relatively young – a Hybrid Cloud can help you combat your business challenges at both levels. AssistanZ has certified domain experts to help you strike a balance in your Hybrid Cloud initiative.

  • Not all Applications or Application Data is sensitive
  • Not yet ready to entirely Migrate to Cloud
  • All applications do not require mobility/virtualization
  • Unpredictable spikes of BU demands
  • Need High levels of Security coupled with High Elasticity
  • Compliance Directives interfere with Total Public Cloud Migration
  • Public Vertical Cloud coupled with Privatised Customer Data
  • Seamless and Centralized Ownership and Control
  • High Security
  • Cloud Bursting
  • Flexible
  • Resilient
  • Controlled Costs
  • Improved Performance
  • Guaranteed Mobility and Availability
  • Dynamic and Tailored Solution
  • Instant and Exponential increase in Performance
  • Responsive, Quick and Reliable Support at all times
  • Perpetual Trust and Security Assured
  • Adherence to Compliance Mandates
  • Advanced Load Balancing for Solid Performance
  • Seamless Migration
  • Faster Time-to-market
  • Direct business benefit for every dollar spent
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