Finding out the total number of email accounts list/count on a cPanel server

About Script

To find the total number of email user account list with the count under all cPanel domain users (or) specific cPanel domain user using the below script, on any cPanel servers.


1. SSH to your server and download the script.

# cd /usr/local/src/
# wget

2. Extract zip file and type “cd” command go to “compressed-master” directory.

# unzip
# cd compressed-master

3. To unpack a tar file using the below command.

#tar -xvf email_account_list.tar

4. Change the file permission and execute the bash script using the below commands.

#chmod +x

5. You can see the output report on the terminal, after completing the script execution process. This output report will create a list of all of the email accounts on the server and what username they’re associated with.

>> If there is any bug or suggestion to improve this script, feel free to mail me at manivannan.s[ at ]


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